Recipes for scarf styles

From Paris Fashion Week.

Take a look at these ladies, who effortlessly wear their scarves. There are a variety of scarf shapes, each styled with a personal touch.

1. Square silk scarf- Loosely wrapped and softly tied like a neck tie. The perfect neck decoration. Takes the place of jewelry.


2. Silk scarf head wrap- Scrunch your scarf together, holding the two ends take the center of the scarf to the back of your head, close to your hairline. Wrap tight around your head and tie at the top of your forehead.


If your scarf is longer, interlock the the two sides at your forehead and take the two ends back to where you started. Tie at the back of your head.


3. Large square- Fold scarf into a triangle. Bring center point to chest and wrap other sides around your neck allowing the long points to drape to your sides.


4. Square scarf- Bundle your scarf to make it long and narrow. Simply loop around your neck.

5. Long rectangular scarf- Wrap, so that the width of the scarf covers your neck. Hair may be inside or out. This tie keeps your neck completely warm.


6. Bright square silk scarf- Folded in half and pulled through, as one would do with a long rectangle. This effect is billowy and beautifully flattering for the fabric.


7. Large rectangle- Loosely wrap scarf over your outfit. It is the final touch and protective layer from the cold.


8. Colored fur collar- Simply wrap around your neck for comfort and pizzaz.


9. Long Square- First fold into a triangle, then stretch it long. Drape scarf over your neck and let it flow.


10. Square with long fringes- Fold scarf into a triangle, wrap from the front, around your neck and pull the sides forward.


11. Silk mixed material- Lightweight silk allows for several wraps around the neck to cover and style. The perfect focus for a clean white look.


12. Large square- Fold into a triangle and wrap over your shoulders. Keeps away the draft, while adding some pattern flare.


13. Large wool triangle- Start with the point in the center and wrap around your neck from front to back, then bring the sides forward.
Wrap over your head and around your shoulder to protect from the rain, wind, or sun.


14. Rectangle silk scarf- Easily wrap around your neck for a color pop to a neutral outfit.