Wrapping Paper

Check out my new pattern collection featured on wrapping paper! The collection is called These are a Few of my Favorite Things. These architectural wonders are my “favorite things,” a seashell, a staircase, a French window, a chandelier, and an iron balcony.

The patterns-

Dark Shell- I love the seashell for its elegant shape.

dark shell edited-blog

Light Shell- This pattern is slightly smaller in scale than its dark shell brother. A subtle coloration, but pristine with its white background and cream shell pattern.

shell edited-blog

Staircase Toile- A web of staircases that create an overall geometric pattern.


Parisian- A pattern using all of the elements that capture me in Paris, repeated and aligned into a stripe of Parisian POP.


All patterns will be available on my new online store soon! Email me if you are interested, and I will send you a digital lookbook.

Happy Wrapping