Fashion and Interiors

Fashion and interiors are two of the most common venues for pattern design. The Dorothy Draper images below display how graphic pattern  is celebrated through interior and fashion design. The practical needs for interior spaces – tile, molding, furniture, upholstery, and venting – are designed to make a graphic yet harmonious space, a space where your eye can capture energy and a sense of quiet at the same time.



Now a bit of fur, another material naturally suited for both fashion and interiors. Fur is an amazing resource, a gift from God to keep us warm and fabulous. Fur achieves something that no man-made fabric or design can. Caroline is a fine fur company in Toronto, Canada. I had the pleasure to meet them at market in Highpoint, NC last year. Notice the luxury and warmth that fur adds to the interior; the throw on the bed display; and how cozy would a fur pillow be on your bed or sofa? Having natural materials in my home like hides and fur make the interior environment feel welcoming, rich and friendly.

This Vest! Amazing isn’t it? I tried on this sample, and did not want to give it back. The natural coyote fur is any neutral’s best companion, adding texture, pattern and color variation. Fur in fashion is used in many ways to add a sense of luxury. It can be knitted, dyed, patched, or woven to create a new design. I, however, am old-fashioned, and partial to natural color fur. It is classic and timeless. Stay tuned, for there is a little bit of fur popping into the upcoming Daisy G holiday scarf collection- in collaboration with Caroline.