Rainy days and kitchen comfort

Lots of rain lately- so Im going to share the fun/ tasty bites from the week!

First off, Henry and his raincoat! He makes me smile. IMG_6996

I tried this Chicken Pot Pie Soup, http://www.cookingclassy.com/2013/10/chicken-pot-pie-soup-parmesan-drop-biscuits/, for the herbs, I used: bay leaf, as called for, dried thyme, italian seasoning, and fresh rosemary. For the drop biscuits I added some fresh chopped rosemary and the italian cheese mix that I had on hand. The hour that it took to cook was tough with a whining hungry toddler who wanted to play in the rain, but it was worth it for us all when we sat down to eat!


I was finally able to use my sorghum that I got from my friends at Canewater Farm http://www.canewaterfarm.com/sorghum/. This is the recipe from Back in the Day’s sweet potato cupcake with caramel cream cheese frosting. Canewater suggested using the sorghum in place of most of the brown sugar that is called for to sweeten the cakes (I still used 1/4 cup brown sugar). The cupcakes made for great neighborhood fall treats! Then I made a mini cake out of a tartlet pan. I love those tiny slices!


Happy Fall!